Bettina Strauss, Owner

About The Photographer

Bettina Strauss, a Vancouver, Canada, based photographer with German roots, is known for her captivating and expressive imagery.

With a diverse background and many years of experience in stage and movie photography, Bettina’s artistic eye, her passion for storytelling and lifelong love for dogs has led her into the creative world of professional studio dog photography.

While refocussing from photographing authors and actors to capturing canine performers, Bettina’s background in theatre and film still shines through. She approaches her photo shoots as unique productions, carefully crafting an environment that reflects each Happy Hound’s personality and story. Whether it’s a playful pup, a regal senior, or a mischievous troublemaker, Bettina’s images capture the essence of your furry companion’s spirit and character. Known for her patience and ability to intuitively connect with animals, Bettina creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere during her photo sessions.

She is a member of Professional Photographers of Canada – PPOC – and the International Cinematographer’s Guild ICG 669.

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